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The technology used by Rigenera HBW allows intervention in tissues damaged by illness or trauma through a single-use device named Rigenera consThis is a sterile capsule in which fragments of any kind of human tissue are placed—taken from the patient completely painlessly—which, through the method of fragmentation, can create tens of thousands of micro-grafts with a dimension of approximately 50 microns.  

An outstanding new regenerative technology

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Once obtained, the micro-grafts can be used exactly like any other kind of graft. They are positioned at the surgical receptor site, either by themselves or using a biomaterial that serves as a scaffold to facilitate the procedure.  

Micro-grafts can then be used during surgery to regenerate damaged areas, whether cutaneous, osseous or cartilaginous, restoring lost form and function.

Rigenera HBW’s key to success? It resides in its speed, effectiveness, and ease of use. These factors allow any surgeon in any part of the world and with any level of experience to begin to use the product immediately after a brief period of training.

Rigenera Hbw is a revolutionary technology that enables mechanic disintegration of different kinds of tissue. Such a process makes it possible to obtain tissue micrografts that, by respecting tissue homology can be used in the field of regenerative medicine in accordance with the latest European regulations.


In the field of dermatology and aesthetics medicine, this technology is applied for the treatment of:

  • Androgenetic alopecia
  • Vitiligo
  • Scar tissue and cutaneous dysaesthesias

The advantages connected to the use of Rigenera are evident: it is a minimally invasive rapid procedure, easy to use. Furthermore, it is manageable in outpatient surgical facility by trained medical staff, with no complications.



Androgenetic alopecia is a disease affecting the lives of millions of men and women. Micrografts intervene by reducing hair loss and by invigorating hair bulbs, making them healthier and stronger. The use of Rigenera technology is suitable also for preventive purposes: when the hair begin to thin out, it is the moment to intervene.

Nowadays, vitiligo is an extremely widespread pathology. It entails a skin depigmentation and recent studies highlighted how such disease can be    tackled with the help of Rigenera micrografts technology.

In the case of scar tissue and cutaneous dysaesthesias, micrografts trigger tissue remodelling by fostering the reorganization of collagen fibers and entailing the overall revascularization of the area affected by the trauma.